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I'm Rishab Nayak.

  • Biochemist
  • Photographer
  • Developer

I study biochemistry and biomedical engineering and am passionate about the applications of computer vision in medical diagnostics, harnessing the recent advances in technology. My passion led me to design image recognition algorithms and pattern detectors, using concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Full-Stack Development
Mobile Development
Image Processing, AI, ML and Related Technologies
Spectroscopy - UV-Vis, IR, FAAS, MP-AES
PCR, Flow Cytometry and Other Advanced Biological Techniques
Hardware Prototyping


Lab Skills

Sample Preparation, Calorimetry, Titration, Inorganic Synthesis, Freezing Point Depression, Molecular Dynamics (Chimera, AutoDock, VMD)


Spectroscopy (UV-Vis, IR, FAAS, MP-AES), Flow Cytometry, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis


Java, Dart, Javascript, Python, Swift, Objective-C, Node.JS, Wolfram Language, MATLAB

Frameworks and Cloud

Flutter, Vue.JS, Angular, Mongo, Git, AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, OpenCV, Keras, CI/CD


Reading, Writing and Speaking Proficiency in English and Hindi, Speaking Proficiency in Oriya


Scientific Writing Proficiency, Black Belt (1st Dan), Electronic Keyboard (Grade 5, Trinity College of Music)

Education & Experience


2017 - Present

Boston University

B.A. Computer Science, B.A. Chemistry, 2021 (Expected) - GPA - 3.39

2015 - 2017

Delhi Public School, Bangalore South

High School


Aug 2019 - Present

Boston University

Computer Science Peer Mentor

Aug 2019 - Present

Boston University

Course Grader, Intro to Programming Languages (CS320)

Nov 2018 - Present


Project Manager and Lead Developer

Sep 2017 - Present

BU Information Services

Information Technology Specialist

Jun 2017 - Present

Prantae Solutions

Core Technology Developer

Apr 2016 - May 2016

Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd.

Intern/Project Trainee

I'm Available For Photography, Web Development and Freelance Work

My Projects


A mobile based application to quantify the microalbumin levels in urine, an early marker of forthcoming kidney damage.

View on GitHub »

AuNP Biosensors

Optimized production of Gold Nanoparticle based biosensors that can be used to quantify microRNA.

Coming soon »

Complex Chemistry

An evaluation of the kinetics and rate of aquation of trans-dichlorobis(ethylenediamine) cobalt(III) chloride

View Paper »


A personal healthcare assistant using voice recognition technology to enable better access to medical assistance

View on GitHub »


Provides the user contextual awareness, giving them audio feedback on the objects found in their surroundings.

Coming soon »


Aids the visually impaired to find empty tables in restaurants and recognize known faces, thereby providing contextual awareness.

View on GitHub »

Pill Dispenser

A low-cost fully automated IOT Pill Dispenser with a remotely accessible setup UI, all from a RasPi.

View on GitHub »


A Performance Analysis of Neural Networks to Identify Plugs and Connectors from an Image, created with Wolfram Language.

View on GitHub »

DNA-RNA Binding

Computational Screening of compounds having specific binding to DNA-RNA hybrids, using Chimera, AutoDock and parts of Amber

Coming soon »

Telomere Research

A Novel Bioengineered Adenovirus to Reverse the Effects of Biological Aging by Replenishing Telomeres

View Paper »

BioDiesel Research

Esterifying Free Fatty Acids and Phospholipids in Algal Oil to Increase the Yield of BioDiesel from Feedstock

View paper »


Using Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning to convert lip movements to text using MATLAB

Coming soon »

Plant Disease ID

Using advanced image processing algorithms to identify a plant disease from its image.
(Designed in MATLAB)

Coming soon »

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